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A proper diabetes diet helps to obtain better life quality


The treatment of diabetes is dynamic. Apart from pharmacological treatment, the diabetes patient should reinforce it with a diet and practicing exercise in order to diminish the effects of the disease in the life quality.

It is important to remember that all foodstuff that is eaten is transformed into glucose. For this reason, the quantity and quality of the food becomes very important. In addition, a properly nutrition will be also helpful to control weight or, if necessary, loss it.

The following five tips are key to have food as a helpful weapon in to live together with the diabetes: 

1. Develop a meal plan

Every diet must be personalized taking into account the conditions of each person. As well, child’s diet is different to the one of an adolescent or an adult. There are also special situations, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or kidney damage.

2. What kind of food to consume

It is important to design balanced menus using current products, paying attention to carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and fats. It is recommended the consumption of whole grains and fruit (not juice) due to their fiber levels. As well, it is important to acquire proteins which can be found in lean meats and consume poultry and fish instead of red meats.

It is recommended to limit foods with high levels of sugar (sweets, sodas and desserts) and to use salt in small amounts when preparing meals and snacks.
Pay attention to the amount of carbohydrates consumed per day. Refined flour bakery and foods rich in sugar increase rapidly blood glucose levels because they are quickly digested and stored in blood.

When shopping, it is important to read the labels and make an informed decision. Regarding liquids, it is important to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day, as well as tea, coffee and aromatic waters.

3. When preparing meals…

Choose steamed, roasted, grilled or baked foods and avoid the fried ones. When using oil this should be done from canola, sunflower, corn, olive or soya. Oil must not be reused. As well, it is important to avoid margarines. For seasoning, species can be an option to avoid creamy sauces like mayonnaise.

4. Respect food amounts and meal schedules

As regular physical activity and medications, eating habits help to maintain desired sugar level in blood. It is important to respect the quantity and timing of meals. Meals should be defined with medical guidance.

5. Eating outside

Diet indications should be also applied when eating outside. It is suggested to plan ahead this activity respecting meals schedule and choosing carefully the dishes according to the meal plan. In the daily care of diabetes, the patient plays a leading role. Consequently, following the recommendations for a suitable nutrition makes the difference in how the disease affects the living standards of each person.


Dr. Ernesto Moscoso
Affiliated to ColSanitas