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We offer a wide range of healthcare services for businesses and corporations

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If you’re in charge of the health of the employees, talk to us. We can assist in improving the health of your staff, thereby improving their satisfaction, loyalty and productivity.

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Your Healthcare Partner
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Services We Offer
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Following are the services we offer to our corporate partners.

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  • Annual Physical Exam
  • Executive Check-up
  • Pre-employment Check-up
  • Drug test
  • HIV test
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  • COVID-19 Tests
  • Flu Vaccination Program
  • Onsite Healthcare Services
  • Company Nurse
  • Occupational health programs
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  • Programs for prevention, early detection and management of chronic diseases
  • Prevention and educational wellness campaigns
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Why Work with Keralty?
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Highly-competent professional healthcare partners
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Optimal health programs and wellness packages
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Efficient healthcare provision and technology
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Highly-experienced medical professionals are available to service large groups of employees to reduce health risks and ensure better productivity at low cost. Over 30 years of experience serving private and public healthcare in American helped us develop a unique set of competencies in managing large groups of population, such as employees of corporations and HMO members.

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Our medically-appropriate and cost-effective health & wellness packages are tailed to fit the needs your company:

  • Programs for prevention, early detection and management of chronic diseases.
  • Occupational health programs.
  • Prevention and educational wellness campaigns.
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Effcient processes supported by world-class technology solutions to attain better user experience for patients, corporations and HMOs. A cloud-base IT platform that can be integrated with partner’s IT system, leading to an improvement in productivity and user satisfaction of employees, corporations & HMOs.

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+63 (919) 087 2199