Gastro surgery

We provide outpatient gastrointestinal surgery, a solution for several medical conditions of the parts of the body involved in digestion. Among other outpatient surgical procedures, we perform Esophagogastroduodenoscopies, Gastroscopies and Colonoscopies.

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Our gastroenterologists are specialized on the digestive system and its disorders….

An endoscopy is a simple procedure that allows the doctor to look inside the human body without having to do a large incision.

Our general surgeons are trained in the provision of surgical care to the patient, covering all surgical phases from the diagnosis to the post oper…

We offer a comprehensive range of outpatient eye surgery procedures to solve eye problems and treat eye diseases.

Today’s urban lifestyle and environment increases the risk of suffering hypertension, heart disease, heart attack and other medical conditions rela

Through our team of recognize orthopedic surgeons, we offer a comprehensive range of outpatient orthopedic surgery procedures, including arthroscop

We provide dermatologic and aesthetic surgery services to treat diseases of the skin and to provide aesthetic enhancement of face and body.

Internal medicine, also called general medicine, is the specialty covering the broad spectrum of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult …

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