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Celebrating MegaClinic 12 Anniversary

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This year we celebrate MegaClinic 12 Anniversary. Happy Birthday MegaClinic!

It has been 12 years since MegaClinic was opened at SM Megamall. 12 years serving healthcare needs of families and corporations in Mandaluyong, Pasig, San Juan and Quezon City.

The clinic opened as the largest and most complete clinic in the country, offering from its more 2,000 square meters, a comprehensive range of healthcare services, from consultation and diagnostics to Physical Therapy or Surgical services. MegaClinic is, since the opening, in a permanent improvement mode, adapting every day to the patients' changing healthcare needs and adopting the latest technology to serve them better.

Since its incorporation to Metro Sanitas Corporation in 2017, MegaClinic is the first building block of this ambitious clinic network project. As part of it, MegaClinic face an exciting future ahead with the same mindset as 12 years ago: to excel serving the clinic patients’ healthcare needs.

Happy Birthday MegaClinic.

Check MegaClinic website to follow the latest development.