Keralty Philippines Welcomes Chie Agcopra

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Chie Agcopra

Keralty Philippines reinforces its team with the incorporation of Chie Agcopra. Since July 3, she has been the new director of operations for MetroSanitas Festival (Keralty Festival Mall). Reporting to Dr. Germán Sánchez, Keralty Philippines' Chief Medical Officer, Chie will combine her new position with that of Clinic Systems and Process Controller, reinforcing with her experience a priority area for the company.

The incorporation of Chie Agcopra is part of the permanent objective of reinforcing the talented team that brings professionalism and commitment to Keralty's values.

Chie is a nurse by profession and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Business Administration. With more than 19 years working in the healthcare industry, she brings to the organization a wide and varied clinical experience, in the operations of medical and administrative centers, business development, and quality control.

Chie is happily married and the mother of three children. She is also an enthusiast of healthy life and fitness, with a special interest in outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and hiking with the whole family. A personal profile that helps project the spirit of love to a healthy life that is at the base of what Keralty is.


Keralty Implements Biosafety Controls at All Clinics

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In line with its global directions to fight COVID-19, Keralty Philippines is implementing bio-safety protocols across all clinics. Our goal as a healthcare provider is to prevent COVID-19 infection and the spread of the virus inside the clinic. We are united in our endeavor to make our clinics safe, guaranteeing peace of mind for our patients, doctors, staff, and partners.


Compliance with global and national biosafety protocols

Keralty Philippines is part of a global network of clinics and healthcare centers across the globe. As such, we follow world-class standards to ensure safety and protection from the disease. At present, we are implementing our Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan to protect our patients and healthcare team, provide guidance for all concerned, and educate everyone on safety measures and guidelines to inhibit the spread of disease.

In addition, we comply with the Department of Health’s guidelines for healthcare facilities. Part of this venture includes specific safety protocols for infection prevention and control.


Providing you peace of mind

Keralty clinics are safe clinics. Here are some tangible ways that our clinics adhere to safety standards:


Physical distancing

As a general rule, people must maintain at least 1 meter of distance from each other whenever they are outdoors. 

TopHealth Facade
Keralty San Lazaro (TopHealth) observes social distancing at queuing areas


Social distancing MetroSanitas Festival
To adhere to physical distancing measures, patients are not allowed to occupy all seats.


Social distancing Megaclinic
Waiting areas at Megaclinic


PPEs for staff

According to the Department of Health Philippines, all health facilities must ensure that appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is appropriately used by clinic personnel, according to existing protocols.

MetroSanitas Festival
Our security personnel at Keralty Festival (MetroSanitas) are equipped with personal protective equipment. We also require all patients and their companions to wear masks at all times


MegaClinic Triage
To keep our patients and staff safe, we've installed protective sheets at the Megaclinic triage


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Get a virtual consultation with Keralty Tele Consult

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Tele Consult

We launched Keralty Tele Consult to respond to the healthcare needs of our patients and their families during the quarantine. The service provides you with medical advice from primary care and specialist doctors via phone or online video call.

Now, you can get virtual consultations from the comfort of your home.


A range of specializations available

We have a team of highly-skilled doctors ready to serve you. Currently, we have the following specializations available:

  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • ENT
  • Gastroenterology
  • General surgery
  • Internal medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Obstetrics-gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Pulmonology
  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Urology

We are working hard every day to give the best and most seamless experience for our patients.


Avail of our service now

Learn more about Tele Consult by clicking here.

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Keralty and Decathlon Partner to Improve the Health of Filipinos

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Earlier this month, we partnered with Decathlon, a top sporting goods retail store, to increase awareness among Filipinos towards a healthy lifestyle, educate individuals on healthcare, and empower them to take active steps in understanding and improving their fitness level.

As part of this venture, we have set up a health booth at Decathlon in Festival Mall, Alabang.

Keralty Booth at Decathlon

Sports for health, health for sports

The health booth aims to target both occasional sports practitioners and fitness enthusiasts. Our booth includes eye-catching information panels, helping patrons learn more about eating the right food, getting the right amount of sleep, and taking care of one's body through sports practice.  

Promoting health and fitness

Free fitness checkups on the go

The Keralty health booth at Decathlon store in Alabang is equipped with stations where clients can avail of fitness checkups for free. These include the following:

  • Body Analyzer – tracks body mass index, body fat index, skeletal muscle percentage, and body age

  • Blood Pressure Station – onsite nurses will be performing blood pressure tests

  • Overhead Squat Assessment – Keralty's physical therapists will conduct injury prevention check-ups. The test measures joint tightness and checks for underused and overused muscles.


Health check-ups

Special promotions and packages

The Keralty health booth offers several attractive promotional discounts to healthcare services related to sports. These include consultations for cardiology, proper nutrition, and rehabilitation doctors and PT services.

The booth is currently open at Decathlon Festival Mall during regular store hours. The free check-ups are assisted by Keralty healthcare staff at the following schedules:

  • Monday to Thursday: 12 NN to 7 PM

  • Friday to Sunday: 11 AM to 8 PM

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Metro Sanitas Corporation opens its one-stop clinic in Festival Mall

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MetroSanitas Festival Clinic, a one-stop ambulatory clinic dedicated to serve the healthcare needs of individuals, families, and businesses in the south of Metro Manila, officially opened its doors at the Upper Ground Floor, X-Site Wing, Festival Mall, Muntinlupa City.

Occupying almost 1,000 sqm. of space in Festival Mall, MetroSanitas Festival Clinic is the biggest and most complete clinic in Muntinlupa City. Equipped with the latest technologies in the medical arena, it brings forward a comprehensive range of outpatient healthcare services designed to solve up to 80% of health cases in one venue. This one-stop clinic offers top quality medical services such as general and specialty consultations, clinical laboratory, imaging diagnostics, dental services, outpatient cosmetic and clinical surgery, and physical therapy sessions among others.

“Receiving high quality healthcare should not be tedious. We make the patient’s experience simpler through efficient processes and technology. Thanks to our technology system, the patient will be able to book an appointment online, see their medical records online, or be attended in any of our clinics without a new registration in each visit. This way, doctors will be able to focus on the patient instead of the paperwork. Patient’s information and his latest laboratory results will also be a click away. This is how we use technology to serve our patients better in terms of quality and efficiency,” says Anna Lacambra, CEO of Metro Sanitas Corporation. 

MetroSanitas Festival Clinic is a game-changer in the Philippine healthcare industry because of its high quality yet affordable healthcare services offered in an efficient and convenient way. It is part of MetroSanitas clinic network and it is designed with the patient at its core. Each patient is provided with the utmost attention and personalized care based on their medical needs. The clinic operates under the Keralty healthcare model using world-class processes and protocols and the latest healthcare technology.

MetroSanitas Festival Clinic is conveniently based in a mall and it is designed under the strictest international healthcare standards. At the clinic, everything is conceptualized to maximize the patient’s satisfaction with the experience, reducing waiting times, and improving healthcare outcomes. It is designed to operate with over 100 doctors and employees from 7:00AM to 9:00PM everyday.

“What sets Metro Sanitas apart is our customer service. We care for our patients. We know that when patients come, they are already in pain or is not feeling well so we partner with doctors and employees who are compassionate and will treat patients like family because when you think of family, you want what’s best for them,” adds Lacambra.

For more information on Metro Sanitas Corporation, visit and


IN PHOTO: Metro Sanitas Corporation recently opened its one-stop ambulatory clinic located in Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by (L-R) Martin Paituvi, Board Member of Metro Sanitas Corporation; Oslec Lopez, Board Member of Metro Sanitas Corporation; Augusto Palisoc Jr., Chairman of Metro Sanitas Corporation and President of Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc.; Anna Lacambra, Chief Executive Officer of Metro Sanitas Corporation; His Excellency Jorge Moragas, Ambassador of Spain to the Philippines; Diego Quintero, Keralty Global Vice President for International Business Development; and Andres Licaros, Jr., President and CEO of Asian Hospital and Medical Center.

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De Los Santos Medical Center and Metro Sanitas Partner for Affordable and Accessible Ancillary Services

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De Los Santos Medical Center (DLSMC) and Metro Sanitas Corporation (MSC) recently entered into a partnership agreement in serving the laboratory and diagnostic imaging requirements of MSC patients. The Memorandum of Agreement covers services currently unavailable in the MSC mall-based clinics such as CT Scan and MRI procedures. Corporate accounts of DLSMC will also benefit from this partnership as they will have access to any Metro Sanitas clinic near their workplace. The agreement covers both inpatient and outpatient services.

Additionally, MSC doctors will also be accredited at De Los Santos Medical Center in order for them to assure patients of continuity of care in case of emergency or confinement.   

Metro Sanitas Corporation is a joint venture between Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc. and the worldwide established Keralty health specialized group and is setting up an outpatient clinic network in Metro Manila. It currently has four branches, namely MetroSanitas Clinic Met Live (Met Live Mall, Pasay City), MetroSanitas Clinic Festival (Festival Mall, Muntinlupa), MegaClinic (SM Megamall, Mandaluyong) and TopHealth Clinic (SM San Lazaro, Manila).

De Los Santos Medical Center (DLSMC) is a 150-bed, Level 3 private tertiary hospital located along E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard in Quezon City. It is the 7th member hospital of Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc. (MPHHI), under the MVP Group of Companies headed by businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan.

Photo: Signing the memorandum of agreement are Metro Sanitas Corporation CEO MS. Anna Lacambra (left) and De Los Santos Medical Center President and CEO Raul C. Pagdanganan (right). May 7 2019

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Celebrating MegaClinic 12 Anniversary

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This year we celebrate MegaClinic 12 Anniversary. Happy Birthday MegaClinic!

It has been 12 years since MegaClinic was opened at SM Megamall. 12 years serving healthcare needs of families and corporations in Mandaluyong, Pasig, San Juan and Quezon City.

The clinic opened as the largest and most complete clinic in the country, offering from its more 2,000 square meters, a comprehensive range of healthcare services, from consultation and diagnostics to Physical Therapy or Surgical services. MegaClinic is, since the opening, in a permanent improvement mode, adapting every day to the patients' changing healthcare needs and adopting the latest technology to serve them better.

Since its incorporation to Metro Sanitas Corporation in 2017, MegaClinic is the first building block of this ambitious clinic network project. As part of it, MegaClinic face an exciting future ahead with the same mindset as 12 years ago: to excel serving the clinic patients’ healthcare needs.

Happy Birthday MegaClinic.

Check MegaClinic website to follow the latest development.

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MetroSanitas Met Live clinic, the first outpatient-surgery-clinic built together by Metro Pacific and Keralty in the Philippines

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MetroSanitas Met Live Clinic has become the first outpatient-surgery-clinic developed by Metro Sanitas Corporation, the joint-venture between the Filipino corporation Metro Pacific Hospitals Holding (MPHHI) and the worldwide established Keralty health specialized group (formerly known as Organización Sanitas Internacional). Located in Pasay City (3rd floor of Met Live Mall, EDSA extension corner Macapagal) and with more than 1,200 sqm, the new clinic is the biggest outpatient-surgery-clinic in the area. Equipped with the latest technologies, it will offer not only general medicine, but also a large variety of specialties (outpatient-surgery, clinical laboratory, preventive medicine programs, etc.). The clinic has been designed to attend up to the 80% of the healthcare needs of the people living or working in its area of influence.

The MetroSanitas Met Live clinic presentation event took place last May 24. The celebration was also an opportunity to present the project of Metro Sanitas Corporation: the establishment of an outpatient clinic network oriented to the provision of integrated and high-quality medical care in the Philippines. During the event, Mr. Augusto Palisoc Jr., Metro Sanitas Corporation Chairman and Metro Pacific Hospitals Holding President, explained the reasons that lead Metro Pacific to choose Keralty as partner. In this sense, Mr. Sergio Martinez, Metro Sanitas Corporation President and Keralty Global CEO commented how the companies “share the same values and a very valuable know-how”. “Keralty is about ‘care’ and ‘altitude’, because what we think the most is to care about our patients, our customers, our employees: care about people. We are a company from people to people”, he added. Referring to the project, Ms. Anna Lacambra, Metro Sanitas Corporation CEO and CEO Keralty Philippines, pointed out the objectives that the joint-venture has in the country and explained the distinguishing characteristics of the new clinic.

A health system based on commitment

Following the example of other clinics successfully developed by Keralty in several countries, MetroSanitas Met Live clinic has been designed under the Keralty health system and according to the ‘one stop clinic’ concept. The high attention paid to key aspects as clinic location, service quality and affordability, technological equipment and innovation or research constitute the main pillars of Keralty ‘one stop clinic’ model, which, at the same time, is supported by the professionalism and human quality of a multidisciplinary team that works applying a health model which can be summarized in the following 5P’s: personalized, predictive, preventive, participative and permanent. In few words, a model that implies the adoption of a preventive attitude towards disease instead a reactive one and which allows to solve up to the 80% of patients’ health needs in one single place.  

In this way, Keralty clinics represent the implementation of the health system developed by Keralty group along all its years of experience in the health sector. In contrast with other ways to understand health, the Keralty health system stands out for paying attention not only to the physical state of the patient, but also to his emotional state, setting the focus of attention in health prevention and promotion instead of focusing on the disease. Consequently, the Keralty health system is not restricted to identify health with the absence of disease; it understands health as a state of well-being that transcends the individual condition of the patient having also effect on his closest environment (family, friends, community, society). Thanks to this, Keralty has become a ‘health producer’ group whose health system is not only confined to guarantee the well-being of its patients, redounding as well to the well-being of the society as a whole. For this all, Keralty constitutes a ‘health producer’ group which is committed not only to its patients, but also to the society where it has presence.


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TopHealth becomes the second center of Metro Sanitas clinic-network in Metro Manila

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14 July 2017

Within its expansion process, Metro Sanitas has acquired TopHealth medical clinic, being the second clinic of the network that the company is establishing in Metro Manila Region. 

Located in Manila City, more specifically in the SM San Lazaro mall of Santa Cruz district, TopHealth represents a 370 square-meter facility. 

Among others, the center provides healthcare attention related to basic and specialized consultation, odontology, diagnostic support, minor surgery and therapeutic attention suiting in this way patients’ needs. As well, it offers preventive, wellness and corporate care services.

In this way, this multi-diagnostic medical facility, whose value proposition is based on cost-effective, accurate and reliable healthcare attention, becomes one more example of the one-stop-clinic concept promoted by Metro Sanitas.

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Metro Sanitas starts a network of medical clinics in the Philippines with the acquisition of MegaClinic

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The joint-venture Metro Sanitas Corporation, participated by Metro Pacific Hospitals Holding Inc. and Sanitas Internacional, acquired in January of this year the majority of shares of MegaClinic Inc., the largest and most complete outpatient medical clinic in the Philippines. This acquisition represents the first step of this joint venture created in 2016 to establish a network of 30 clinics in Metro Manila area.
Thanks to the implementation of the ‘one stop clinic’ concept and a more efficient managerial system, the new network aims to attend the majority of health needs in one place and unique visit, which constitutes an innovating health alternative based on integral and quality services at affordable prices. 

About MegaClinic, the medical facility is located in Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila area) and occupies a 2,164 square-meter surface at SM Megamall, a commercial center in Ortigas business district. With more than 250 professionals, this clinic provides health attention to middle class population, among them, families and employees. With reference to the main services offered nowadays, it includes general medicine and specialty consultations, clinical laboratory, imaging diagnostic, out-patient surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation, dental services, eye laser surgery and derma laser.

Created in 2006, Metro Pacific Investments Corporation is a Philippine group present in this country’s key sectors, such as, water, power, toll roads, hospitals and rail. Metro Pacific Hospitals Holding Inc. is the Metro Pacific group’s division dedicated to health, specifically to hospitals’ management, participating in the ownership of thirteen hospitals with a total capacity for more than 3.000 beds.

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