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Ready to run: use a suitable method and prevent pain


Running has become a cool sport. People of all ages find have found in this activity a simple way to exercise, improve their health and burn calories, not taking some preventive measures pain. For this reason, here are some tips to run following a suitable method

Getting ready to start

  • First of all, each person should have clear what is the objective. If running responds to the wish of health improvement or weight loss. Once the main objective has been fixed, each one should ask for medical advice to establish the suitable physical routine.
  • The evaluation with a specialist will also clarify if the person has the required physical conditions to run because overweight people cannot start running in the same conditions as those ones with low muscle mass.
  • Acquire the suitable outfit for jogging. The footwear must be flexible, with good cushioning and made with light materials. As well, it must be temperature resistant. Nowadays, there are even specialized stores with applications where they measure each person’s foot determining their characteristics and goals in order to choose the most suitable shoe for running.
  • Although footwear is the most important thing, clothing is also relevant. Many people go jogging very early because of their tight schedule facing very cold climate conditions. For this reason, for those who to jogging before 6:30 a.m. should wear thermal clothing, whereas those who run at noon in warm conditions should wear also sunscreen, a cap and everything required to avoid sunstroke or dehydration.
  • In case of a half marathon or a marathon, it is important to remember that a previous strong training is required. To run a marathon (42 kilometers) it is recommended to train, at least, during six months, whereas in the case of a half marathon (21 km) the minimum training period is of three months.

When running

  • Practice at least three times per week to give time to muscles to recover.
  • Hydration and nutrition are essential. For 1 hour circuits, it is recommended to drink 100 cm3 of water every 15 minutes. In case of jogging more than two hours it is recommended to mix the water with sugars and mineral salts.
  • If you are motivated with the exercise routine avoid those foods that do not contribute anything, such as, saturated fats. The ideal thing is to consume natural juices before running and carbohydrates, which provide energy, one hour or two before exercising.
  • Fasting is not convenient because they cause that muscles will not have energy, a situation that can lead to hypoglycemia.
  • Keep in mind that athletes, who run in a professional way, do it in tip toes to achieve higher speed. If you see them training in their track do not try to imitate them, because a person who runs for health reasons should make a normal step, pushing forward with the middle of the foot. Do not put the whole foot (including the heel) firmly because this can cause an injury.
  • Stretching routines are mandatory, before and after running. This makes muscles to recover easier. Running without any warming may cause injuries.

Who should not practice this exercise?

  • Those people with uncontrolled cardiovascular medical problems should not practice running. Those with a medical record of hip, ankle or knee injury that were not adequately recovered.
  • People suffering from osteoarthritis because the impact accelerates joint damage.
  • People with clinical obesity. Before running they should practice other types of exercise to avoid injuries. The same is recommended for people whose body mass index is below the limit.

General advice

  • In case of feeling ill, sick, or fever it is recommended not to overstrive, being better recover first from the disease and, then, continue the routine.
  • Do not exercise after consuming too much alcohol. This speeds up liver’s energy consumption and performance will not be the same due to the existence of less reserves.
  • For those who want to practice more than cardiovascular exercise it is recommend doing weights or abs after running. The reason is that the muscle temperature is high and the body is prepared for the next process.
  • Nowadays, there are many mobile applications that can monitor the state of the exercise. It is recommended to strive one more level each day. 

Running constitutes an exercise of personal challenges, as there is no team to compete with. Overcoming these challenges generates a greater attraction and motivation to practice it, necessary to get up each day and follow the routine.