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Most common screenings for women


Why screening test are important?
Regular screenings can improve your quality of life and prevent complications.


1. Be proactive about your health

Stay on top of necessary screenings and health care visits. These are general guidelines that would not apply if you have risks factors. Always talk to you doctor about your particular check-ups and screenings.


2. General health

A physical examination with your primary care doctor every 2-3 years


3. Bone health

A bone density test, at least once beginning age 65


4. Breast health

A mammogram every 2 years starting at age 50 (USPSTF Guidelines) and every 3 years age 20s-30s and every year over 40.


5. Colorectal health

A colonoscopy, every 10 years starting at age 50.


6.  Heart health

Blood pressure check at least every 2 years and cholesterol every 5 years starting at age 35.


7. Reproductive health

Pap test every 3 years for women 21-30 years old, HPV and Pap test combines test every 5 years for women over 30, and all sexually active women and their partners should be tested for HIV and other STDs before starting sexual activity.

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