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Keralty Partners with Cebu-based LH Paragon Group to Provide More Filipinos with Affordable and Accessible Outpatient Services

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Keralty -LH Prime

Last December 17, 2020, Keralty Group signed a joint venture with the Cebu-based holdings group, LH Paragon Group, forming Keralty Prime Medical Clinic. This partnership aims to provide Filipinos with more affordable and accessible healthcare services.

“After some period analyzing the global health market, we strongly believe that we can help provide quality healthcare in the Philippines. <With the LH Paragon Group>, we share the same values as a company, and we believe we can be better together by delivering care to two main cities of the Philippines, which is Manila and Cebu,” said Sergio Martinez, Keralty Group Global Chief Executive Officer. He further expressed that he is optimistic about the partnership bring forth “an improved model for delivering high quality and cost-effective care.”

From the joint venture, a total of seven clinics, both in Metro Manila and Cebu, will be able to deliver innovative outpatient services on top of the current medical diagnostic services, among others.

LG Paragon Group Chief Finance Officer, Edmun Liu, shares, “The LH Paragon Group is excited and looking forward to what this partnership with the Keratly Group will be able to achieve. With this partnership, we hope to be able to do our part to help provide better healthcare services to fellow Filipinos in Cebu and the Visayas.”

The parties highlighted the importance of access to healthcare services, especially with the global pandemic still threatening our lives. But more than just combating COVID-19 as well as other illnesses and diseases, both Keralty and the LH Group aim to inspire Filipinos strive to live healthy lives.

“As a result of our experience and know-how, we will establish a solid position in Cebu. We will not be there just to solve people’s illnesses but to keep people as healthy as possible,” Martinez stressed.

This joint venture is just one of Keralty Group’s many initiatives that is part and parcel of the Group’s mission to spread excellent and cost-effective healthcare services throughout the Philippines.

LH paragon

The LH Prime Medical Clinic business of the LH Paragon Group began its operations in 2004 as a medical diagnostic facility offering advanced technological services for outpatient care including specialized doctor’s clinics, laboratory tests, radiology and imaging.

The LH Paragon Group of Companies has holdings in various businesses in the Philippines engaged in different industries, including fashion retailing, wood distribution, real estate development, food retailing, graphics printing, automotive distribution and medical services.

The Keralty Group is an international health enterprise leader in patient-centered care and health outcomes, based in Spain, with presence in 7 Countries including the United States. Globally, it operates more than 12 hospitals, 350 medical centers, with around 22,000 employees and more than 15,000 medical doctors. It has been in operation for over 40 years, operating in seven countries and serving over six million customers.

Keralty started its operation in the Philippines in 2016 and now has a network of 4 clinics in Metro Manila; Keralty Megamall (MegaClinic), Keralty Festival (MetroSanitas Festival), Keralty San Lazaro (TopHealth) and Keralty Gateway.