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Keralty Implements Biosafety Controls at All Clinics

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In line with its global directions to fight COVID-19, Keralty Philippines is implementing bio-safety protocols across all clinics. Our goal as a healthcare provider is to prevent COVID-19 infection and the spread of the virus inside the clinic. We are united in our endeavor to make our clinics safe, guaranteeing peace of mind for our patients, doctors, staff, and partners.


Compliance with global and national biosafety protocols

Keralty Philippines is part of a global network of clinics and healthcare centers across the globe. As such, we follow world-class standards to ensure safety and protection from the disease. At present, we are implementing our Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan to protect our patients and healthcare team, provide guidance for all concerned, and educate everyone on safety measures and guidelines to inhibit the spread of disease.

In addition, we comply with the Department of Health’s guidelines for healthcare facilities. Part of this venture includes specific safety protocols for infection prevention and control.


Providing you peace of mind

Keralty clinics are safe clinics. Here are some tangible ways that our clinics adhere to safety standards:


Physical distancing

As a general rule, people must maintain at least 1 meter of distance from each other whenever they are outdoors. 

TopHealth Facade
Keralty San Lazaro (TopHealth) observes social distancing at queuing areas


Social distancing MetroSanitas Festival
To adhere to physical distancing measures, patients are not allowed to occupy all seats.


Social distancing Megaclinic
Waiting areas at Megaclinic


PPEs for staff

According to the Department of Health Philippines, all health facilities must ensure that appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is appropriately used by clinic personnel, according to existing protocols.

MetroSanitas Festival
Our security personnel at Keralty Festival (MetroSanitas) are equipped with personal protective equipment. We also require all patients and their companions to wear masks at all times


MegaClinic Triage
To keep our patients and staff safe, we've installed protective sheets at the Megaclinic triage