Keralty Card Terms and Conditions

By using The Keralty Card, the member shall agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Service. The medical services provided to you by  “Metro Sanitas Corporation (doing business under the name and style of Keralty Clinic)” and its subsidiaries “The MegaClinic Inc.”, “Top Health Medical Clinics Inc.” are in compliance with any and all requirements applicable to the physician in the exercise of his / her profession.

1. The Customer and the User. The Keralty Card is offered only to any client who availed the membership.

2. Membership. The availability of membership is open to anyone  at least fifteen (15) years of age, with their valid identification card from any government authority.
Should the member be unable to write or incapacitated, the authorized Person shall act on his/her behalf.
Upon membership registration, it is therefore considered that the member has fully understood, consented, and accepted these Terms and Conditions. Along with the Data Privacy for collection of sensitive personal identifiable information.

4. Period of Validity. One Year from the date of Registration. The date of Registration is considered in the date of submission of the online form of registration. Renewals may take place one month prior to expiration date. The payment for Keralty Card is non refundable.

5. Service Coverage. Payment of the Keralty Card membership will be done by the individual under the terms agreed on the fully accomplished Keralty Card registration form and will cover the usage of the services done by the members enrolled to the program. The payment only includes the medical services included on the Keralty Card Plans (Kompak and Kompleto).

Scope of  coverage inclusions applies to the chosen card:

●   One time Free Annual Physical Examination or Basic Five (CBC, UA, FA, Chest Xray    and Physical Exam)
●   Unlimited Primary Physician Consulation thru a Clinic Based
●   15% up to 20% Discount for selected Ancillary Services
●   10% for Specialty Consultation (Selected Affiliated Physician only)

●    One time Free Annual Physical Examination or Basic Five ( CBC, UA, FA, Chest Xray   and Physical Exam )
●    One Time Dental Consultation
●    Unlimited Primary Physician Consultation thru a Clinic Based and Teleconsult/ Call-Me Doc
●    15% up to 20% Discount for Selected Ancillary Services excluding OR, Rehabilitation Medicine and Pharmacy
●    10% Discount for Specialty Consultation (Selected Affiliated Physician only)
●    CHOICE of 1 time FREE, any ONE (1) from the following:  Lifestyle checkup (Lipid Profile, FBS and ECG); 
OR Women’s health (breast ultrasound or  mammogram) , 
OR Rapid Antigen  COVID testing
●   50% discount on Home Service Mobilization Fee

6. Discounts. The Keralty Card discounts are not conjunction with any other offer, special promotion or discounts and Senior Citizen / PWD and other promotional rates.

7. Primary Clinic and clinics accepted.  The One time free Annual Physical Exam service can be availed only at the Primary Clinic indicated at registration of the Keralty Card. The Keralty Card is accepted in all clinics within the Keralty network in Metro Manila.  Some services listed herein may not be available in a particular clinic. In such a case, said service can be availed in another clinic of the Keralty network in Metro Manila

8. Online Primary Care Teleconsult or Call Me DocThe service consists in offering the user unlimited Primary Care TeleHealth consultation. To avail the service, you must have equipment that allows you to access the internet, including a video call platform for the Teleconsult, and Telephone for the Call Me Doctor  running on an internet browser. 

The Teleconsult or Call Me Doc feature of the  Keralty Card is not for emergency situations. For emergency situations, member is advised to go to the nearest hospital in your area and seek immediate assistance from medical emergency personnel. The services provided by the Licensed Physicians via Call Me Doctor and Teleconsult are not intended to substitute or replace a professional face to face medical consultaton.

9. Substitution of Annual Physical Exam (APE).  The one-time FREE Annual Physical Exam can be substituted by a one-time FREE Pre-employment examination covering the exact same services as described above.  These services can be availed only in the Primary Clinic selected at the registration.  

10. Medical Certificate not included.  The FREE primary care consultation does not include medical certification.  The Medical Certificate shall be requested with the Medical Records Officer of each clinic and is subject to applicable fees.

11. Limitations on Use and Disclaimer of Warranties. You acknowledge that your use of the Keralty Card’s Call Me Doctor and Teleconsult features is entirely at your own risk and that you accept full responsibility for all associated with them. The Call Me Doctor and Teleconsult services are provided “as is” and “as available,” with no expressed or implied warranties. METRO SANITAS CORPORATION, to the extent permitted by law, disclaims implied warranties, including any warranty that the service is or will be of satisfactory quality, accuracy, or timeliness. METRO SANITAS CORPORATION makes no warranty that The Call Me Doctor and Teleconsult or its information or content will meet your needs, will be error-free, reliable, accurate, timely, useful, adequate, complete, or suitable, or that any defects will be corrected.

12. Indemnification. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold METRO SANITAS CORPORATION harmless from and against any and all rights, demands, losses, liabilities, damages, claims, causes of action, actions, and suits (whether at law or in equity), fees, costs, and attorneys’ fees (including appellate level) arising, directly or indirectly, out of or in connection with your use or misuse of the Keralty Card, your breach of this Terms and Conditions, the relationship with METRO SANITAS CORPORATION

13. Miscellaneous provisions. The use of this card constitutes acceptance of Metro Sanitas Corporation (Keralty) rules and regulations governing the card. Metro Sanitas Corporation reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.       

14. Termination. From the date indicated on the registration form filled in by the customer and METRO SANITAS CORPORATION and during the period also specified in the same registration activity, you can use the Keralty Card and the services it contains. Failure by you, the Customer, to comply with the Terms and Conditions, including failure to pay for the Service, will automatically result in the immediate termination of the Services by METRO SANITAS CORPORATION. METRO SANITAS CORPORATION reserves the right to terminate your use of the Keralty Card if you or the customer who registered you for the Service to comply with these Terms and Conditions or for any other reason at METRO SANITAS CORPORATION’s sole discretion.

15. Notices. Any written notices or other communications to you will be addressed and sent to your email address or to your mobile phone number which you provided when you registered to the Keralty Card. Any written notices or other communications to METRO SANITAS CORPORATION will be addressed and sent to Metro Sanitas Corporation, MegaClinic, 5F Building A, SM Megamall, Bank Drive corner Doña Julia Vargas, Ortigas Business Center, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.

16. Relationship and No Third Party Rights. The Keralty Card Terms and Conditions does not, in any case, create a doctor-patient relationship between you and METRO SANITAS CORPORATION. Unless expressly provided herein, nothing in this terms and conditions is intended to confer any rights or remedies under the conditions other than you and METRO SANITAS CORPORATION.

17. Changes to the Terms of Use. METRO SANITAS CORPORATION may change the provisions of this Terms and Conditions at any time. You can review the most current version by clicking on the Keralty Card’s “Terms and Conditions” link on the Site If you continue to use The Keralty Card after METRO SANITAS CORPORATION makes changes to the provisions of this Terms and Conditions, you are signifying your acceptance of the changes. You are responsible for checking these terms and conditions periodically for any changes.

18. Data Privacy. The request of personal information on this online form is done with the sole purpose of processing and managing your request. In accomplishing the information requested, you agree that Metro Sanitas Corporation and/or its subsidiaries or shareholder companies will process these Personal Information relating to you. Such processing of Personal Information may include its collection, recording, updating, modification, retrieval, use, and retention. You are also consenting to: 1. Making your Personal Information available to the relevant employees of Metro Sanitas Corporation, its subsidiaries or shareholder companies, and any service provider that may be involved in the process and management of this event; 2. The processing of your Personal Information for generating statistical data relevant to this specific activity; 3. The retention by Metro Sanitas Corporation of your Personal Information for the period necessary for the purpose of this request. We will dispose of your Personal Information upon the lapse of the Personal Data Retention Period in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. You are entitled to certain rights in relation to the Personal Information that may be collected from you, including the right to access, correction, and to object to the processing of the same. Your information will be held securely and will not be made available to third parties others that the ones require to provide this service without your expressed consent. By ticking the checkbox below, you hereby certify that you understand the foregoing and that you are giving your consent to the processing of your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information under the terms and conditions provided above, and to contact you in case it is required to process your request.

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